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The miracle & mystery of spontaneous & instantaneous energetic healing

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

It only takes one moment, one second for something to shift, for your life to change and you can heal it right now.

I was dancing in the desert under the stars and a full moon. There were giant boulders strewn across the landscape. I climbed up one of them with my dog Jora close by my side. It was one of those magical nights. One that I will never forget. I was at a transformative festival gathering of some of the most amazing people in the world. Behind me was a dance stage playing music into the night. In front of me was a valley of mountains lit up by the moon. As an energy medicine and shamanic healing practitioner I am always instinctively connecting to the elemental forces around me - they are my healers. Even such a beautiful gathering of human beings in which I could immerse myself in with love, laughter, conversation and dance - didn’t feel right until I could pay homage to this sacred land. Where I could find a sacred place to pray and acknowledge our Mother Earth. I knew Great Spirit was with me as a gust of wind from out of the silent night blew across my body. In the Lakota tradition they say that dance and music is the highest form of worship. And so, I began my prayer in a tai chi like dance where my movements gather and move the energy within and around my body. Witnessing the dome of stars above me that tell me I am star dust. What is it to be a channel, a bridge or vessel for Spirit? What is it to be fulfilled but to feel alive in every cell of your body as you connect to a Force and an Awareness that permeates throughout all things? That night I felt truly connected and in resonance with the moon, the stars, the mountains and the people in the distance dancing the night away below me.

I made my way back down the boulder and joined everyone on the dance floor. After an hour or so two women then came up to me and said, “Thank you for giving so much. We are so grateful for you being here.” Then one of them pointed to her forehead where in yoga tradition the Ajna Chakra or 3rd eye energy center resides and is associated with the pineal gland within the brain. She told me that she had been having problems here. I asked her if she’d like help removing any blockages related to the confusion and lack of clarity in her life that she had been feeling. She said, “Yes.” I had been taught that before performing any kind of energetic healing for someone else that getting their permission is very important. Many times when we are physically injured or are experiencing a challenging time in our life - it is there for us to learn from it and if one just removes it from them without their permission they might never learn the lesson hidden within that painful experience. Another painful trail would eventually just attach to them in another way. Then there are times when we have been working with our pain but feel as if we have reached a dead end and truly need help to continue our healing process. Understanding both of these contexts is important when deciding to energetically help another person. I continued, “Do you accept this healing completely, deeply and permanently within your body, mind and spirit?” “Yes,” she replied as she faced me and closed her eyes. Without hesitation I reached out with my hand towards her forehead, energetically grabbed the “dart” or blockage stuck there, closed my fist, pulled it out and then threw it into the moon to be cleared. As I pulled it out, she fell backwards and her other friend caught her. “It is done.” I whispered to myself.

I went off to the side of the stage where I kept my belongings and pulled out my tobacco pipe to clean myself of any energetic residue from what just happened. I knew that something profound and mysterious had just occurred. It wasn’t the little “me” doing any of the healing. I was just witnessing and allowing for what needed to come through. There was no place for self-doubt. I was in bewilderment at the sequence of events. At my private healing practice I help my clients in a similar way with breakthroughs and shifts in the healing of their body, emotions, thoughts and spirit. But, this experience was different to the degree of how intense and synchronistic it all felt. I have no other words to express it than to say I felt something deep within me that I had not ever felt before. The miracle of a spontaneous and instantaneous energetic healing is like no other.

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Love this! Great story :). Thank YOU for sharing!

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