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Jonathan has an incredibly intuitive touch and knowledge of acupuncture. Each session I've received from him, I've walked out feeling lighter, more open and have experienced aches and pains drastically reduced. I'm thankful for Jonathan and his powerful work!

Rae Irelan

I met Jonathan last year after I injured my back exercising. I had already tried chiropractic care but didn't feel much improvement. I was experiencing severe pain and tightness in my lower back and hips. To make things worse it was only a few weeks before my wedding! After a few sessions with Jonathan I felt my muscles become more relaxed and I was able to make a full recovery. I continue to see Jonathan because he has excellent bedside manner and I feel that he truly cares about his clients. Thank you!

Stephanie Milazzo

I feel really fortunate to have found Dr. Jonathan Lenahan on my healing journey. Not only is he the most knowledgeable and skillful acupuncturist I've been to but, his energy is completely unparalleled. Jonathan's attentiveness makes it clear that your health and movement towards wellness are priorities of his. This type of mindful presence and level of awareness are healing in and of themselves. I would and will recommend him to any individual I know who may benefit from his support.

Anna Checket

I have been under the care of Dr. Jonathan Lenahan for the past year.  He is very talented as well as in tune with your needs and his warm and caring personality comes through in his practice.  I was feeling hopeless with my physical ailments, not able to get the help I needed. I was referred to Dr. Lenahan through a friend. I am finding hope, confidence and a renewed sense of well-being. Dr. Lenahan has a wealth of knowledge and skill and I'm fortunate to be under his excellent care.

Sharon Emerson

Over the last year Dr. Lenahan has played an integral role in helping me with my physical ailments as well as attain a sense of wholeness within. He is a highly skilled and gifted healer whose knowledge of Chinese herbs, acupuncture, shamanic energy healing and spiritual counsel continues to support me in releasing emotional blockages in my sacral area, manage consequential sciatic pain and find peace in accepting my holistic healthcare choices over surgery. I completely trust Jonathan as my preferred holistic healer and fully recommend his services.

Melanie Klinghoffer

Dr. Jonathan Lenahan is a healing guru!!! As a hairdresser of over 10 years, I lived with chronic tension and pain, that is, until I tried acupuncture. He is extremely knowledgable and genuinely cares about your overall well-being. Not only does he target the obvious but will tailor each treatment to what is suitable for me that day. Every treatment has been a completely transformative, rejuvenating and relaxing experience.

Adelyne Torres

Dr. J is a profound healer. His careful attention guides a truly holistic healing that I have experienced as transformative and deeply relaxing. Dr. Jonathan IS a 10/10!!

Peter John Swartz II

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