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A 21 Day Journey to Discovering True Health and Well-Being

Sound Familiar?

When COVID19 caused a global lockdown and mass hysteria, panic and depression set in around the world - did You notice old behaviors and habits arise that did not benefit your health - ones You thought You had long left behind and ones You were not ready to fully face? Did You feel confused, off centered and complacently stood by as sugar, carbohydrates, caffeine, alcohol and media addictions became the new norm for Your life? 

My Story

I saw how these behaviors appeared within my own life and acted as a sort of coping and protection mechanism during these uncertain times but, I knew there was another way to step up & practice the holistic medicine & philosophy that I use to help others. It was time to push the reset button & choose to chrysalis into the most magnificent version of myself yet - I took a deep hard look into the mirror and said, "Jonathan, it is time to HEAL YOUR SELF!" Now, it is YOUR turn! I hope you will join me!

Green Juice


YOUR Mind, Body and Spirit is stronger than you've ever imagined. YOUR spirit is the greatest force on earth and you can use YOUR Consciousness, Knowledge and Will Power to create the Healthiest version of YOUR SELF - to reclaim YOUR health and YOUR innate healing power to overcome any dis-Ease or external circumstance. 

Program Outline

  • Pre-Week before you start - Clean out Pantry and Fridge of items you have decided to take out of your diet & stock up on healthy food items! Start reflecting on your "Manifesto" or "Declaration" on what YOU have decided to let go of & bring into your life during this challenge.

  • Day 0 Online Meeting - Opening Sacred Space for the next 21 days, Envisioning your Highest Self, Introductions and Intention Setting, Create Declaration & Daily Schedule, Receive a Shamanic Healing Download!

  • Each day incorporate the topic of the day into your life & respond to the deeper dive question!

Women in Fitness Clothes
  • Day 1 Food

  • Day 2 Supplements

  • Day 3 Nature Time

  • Day 4 Exercise

  • Day 5 Internal Time

  • Day 6 Creative Time

  • Day 7 Online Check In & Learning Time

  • Day 8 Self-Care Time

  • Day 9 Food

  • Day 10 Supplements
  • Day 11 Nature Time
  • Day 12 Exercise
  • Day 13 Internal Time
  • Day 14 Online Check In & Creative Time
  • Day 15 Learning Time 
  • Day 16 Self-Care Time
  • Day 17 Food
  • Day 18 Supplements
  • Day 19 Nature Time
  • Day 20 Exercise 
  • Day 21 Online Check In - YOU DID IT!  Reflection on 21 Day Journey Healing YOURSELF & Importance of Integration of new ways of being and living. 

Ready to transform YOUR health & well being?

Communal Bath
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