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The Power of Acupuncture and Energy Medicine in Promoting Labor in Women 

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

A long time friend and patient came in to see me last minute to promote labor. Mo told me she was overdue and only had 24 hours to start contractions otherwise, she would have to go to the hospital to be artificially induced.  Unfortunately, this would mean she would no longer be able to give birth to her baby at the natural birthing center she had been working with throughout her pregnancy.  Mo asked me what she could expect from this treatment before we started.  I told her that I usually see pregnant women one to two weeks, twice a week, before they are due to prepare them for the delivery of their baby and that I was not sure what we could expect from just one acupuncture treatment but it would be miraculous if it was enough to start the birthing process.  (Either way, with the help of Spirit, I would try my best and give it my all to help her bring this baby into the world.)

I started the treatment with GB21, LI4, BL60, SP6 and at the very end of her session PC8.  Immediately, a explosion of energy enveloped the treatment room.  I played Didgeridoo music on my phone to activate her root and sacral chakras and strongly stimulated each of the points one after another.  I rotated between clearing the space with sage, clearing any energetic blockages within her body with a selenite crystal sword, subconsciously talking to the baby to let it know it was time to come into the world and then going on a shamanic journey in my mind’s eye where I visualized my friend Mo giving birth to her child in a beautiful shallow pond with wild flowers & water lilies surrounding her. Suddenly, I could feel her emotional release occur as a few tears rolled down her cheeks.  The energetic blockage that I believe was stopping her from letting the baby come naturally into this world.  While I did the energy work on Mo, a past life recollection came through me.  I was in a Native American village.  We were half naked with long beads around our necks.  I was speaking in a native tongue and energetically channeling the baby to come into this world with Qi gong like movements with my arms, allowing the energetic portal to open that would start to allow Mo to release her newborn from her womb.  I then asked her if she would breath with me as fast and as deeply as possible to continue the movement of energy going down and out through her hips.  I began playing singing bowls tuned to both the root and sacral chakras as I continued to alternate between the sage, the selenite sword, communicating with the baby, stimulating the acupuncture points and visualizing Mo giving birth to her baby.  As I checked in with her, she said she could feel slight contractions begin and the baby shifting further down towards her pelvic floor. 

The treatment came to a close and Mo went back home around 6:30pm.  As the night progressed her contractions continued to become more frequent and intense. By Midnight she went into the natural birthing center and the baby was born around 3 or 4 am in the early dawn of the new day.  

When reflecting back on this experience what amazes me the most is the whirlwind of energy that I found us both surrounded in throughout the duration of the treatment.  The insight into the energetic nature of birth and how a slight shift of it could activate the birthing process and the importance of addressing the emotional and energetic dimensions of the person for real healing to occur compared to just forcing the body to go through the physical motions.  This treatment in particular, once again confirmed in me that Spirit and Matter are one Reality especially when it comes to bringing a newborn into this world.  As for now, this experience has been the most powerful acupuncture and energy healing that I have had the privilege to be a part of - the power of this medicine continues to amaze me. 

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